Release Notes

Release notes Version-14.0.1000.101

  • What's new-
    • Schedule Task bug fixed.
    • Added Help & Support module that lets you send a feedback about Nemasis and request technical support.
    • Automatic updates are enabled.
    • Search filter added to following submodules:
      1. Results
      2. Vulnerabilities
      3. Scan Plugins
      4. CVE
      5. CPE
    • Minor bugs fixed.

Release notes Version-14.0.1000.103

  • New Features:
    • Passive Vulnerability Scanner - The Passive Scanner module continuously monitors the activity of endpoints, ports, applications, databases, servers and networking devices connected across network to determine its vulnerabilities in a non-intrusive manner.
    • Report comparison - Users can compare two reports for a task and determine the scan result changes.
    • Auto Refresh toggle - With the toggle, users can control real-time update of the Dashboard.
    • Clickable Scan Configs - Clicking a Scan Config displays its Scanner Preferences, Plugin Families and Plugin Preferences. With this feature, users can compare a parameter's current value and default value.
    • Email Alert Report - The email alert report will be sent in txt format.
    • Admin - Admin will have full privileges to monitor all users' activities.
    • Reload Services - This option is added in console. It allows users to reload Nemasis services for troubleshooting.
    • Change Password - This option is added in console. It allows users to change password for Nemasis.
      1. Root Password
      2. Web Admin Password
    • Test Proxy - This option is added in console. It allows users to test a proxy connection.
    • Check Connection - This option is added in console. It allows users to check any network connection via Nemasis installed system.

  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with Date and Timings in Schedules. The Schedules will now be displayed in local timings.

Release notes Version-14.0.1000.105

  • What's new-
    • Activity monitor added in Passive scanning.
    • Enabling of interfaces without IP for Passive scanning.

Release notes Version-14.0.1000.106

  • Bugs corrected-
    • Session timout issue while registering, has been corrected.
    • Certain IP / ranges were ignored in Passive scanning, has been corrected.

Release notes Version-14.0.1000.107

  • What's new-
    • Updated Vulnerability Database Added
    • Minor Bugs Corrected.

Release notes Version-14.0.1000.108

  • What's new-
    • Latest Vulnerability Database Added
    • Option to Add Custom Header Image in reports have been Added
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