Nemasis - PRO

Effective & Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment Solution, designed specifically for Security Practitioners, Consultant and IT Auditors

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Nemasis - VA

Nemasis solution proactively supports the entire Vulnerability Management Lifecycle

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Nemasis - DAST

When it comes to Web application security, Nemasis DAST fills an important function in finding potential run-time errors in a dynamic environment.

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Why Choose Us

More than just a Vulnerability Assessment

Engagement with Nemasis VMS will provide the outcomes to identify the critical threat factors and provide the guidance needed to level up your organization's cyber security posture.

Vulnerability Risk Management

Encompassing vulnerability scanning is designed to help identify, classify and address security risks.

Website & Web Applications

Gap Analysis and Threat Landscape of Web Infra. Perform a audit scan of your domains like SSL Audit, Domain Audit etc..

About Nemasis

Vulnerability Management Suite

False Positive Analysis, plays an important role to remedy vulnerabilities. A thorough analysis eliminates false positives which in turn greatly reduce
the time and energy spent.
Remediation Tracking Vulnerability management doesn’t end with performing a scan. An effective program is substantiated
by the quality of remediation and takes corrective action from reoccurring.
All-in Solution

We respond to your needs with our helpful solutions. That allows your Business to Get Ahead of the Threats.

With new network and application vulnerabilities emerging daily, identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing security vulnerabilities is a race against time

Product Consultation

Our product consultations are designed to help you operationalize your program by supplementing it with product configurations, process automation, and reporting frameworks. In case of any issue related to the product and its working, we can give product consultation and solve a customer problem.


Security Consultation

We have experienced advisors to figure inside and outside any security breaches and assist clients to perform dipstick assessments for the maturity baseline of organizations according to industry standards.


24/7 Technical Support

24/7 Nemasis covers you around the clock to keep your organization safe from cybersecurity threats. Whenever you need technical support, we are available with technical experts and support services.

All in Solutions
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Compliances based on Industry Standard and best practices

Compliance represents the process of adhering to mandated laws and regulatory frameworks are structured set of guidelines and best practices that details an organization's processes.
These guidelines are followed by the organization to strengthen security, improve the process and accomplish various business goals. There are different compliance and regulatory framework.
pci DSS

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