Nemasis - Sample Reports

A vulnerability management suite that complies with the industry regulations while ensuring the implementation of a comprehensive GRC strategy. This feature of Nemasis-VA, generates two kinds of reports, one which gives you a detailed report of comprehensive system vulnerabilities across the network. We also provide PCI DSS compliant report. DAST – Nemasis DAST, meticulously scans every application and website on the network to find any vulnerabilities and security issues, so they can be addressed. This feature generates 3 different kinds of reports, one of which is a Dashboard report while the other two are based on OWASP top ten from the 2013 and 2017 versions.

Nemasis - VA Sample Reports

Nemasis - DAST Sample Reports

Let’s talk about Nemasis – Vulnerability Assessment

Nemasis assists in implementing a comprehensive GRC strategy for managing an organization's overall governance, risk, and compliance with regulations.

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Compliances based on Industry Standard and best practices

Compliance and regulatory frameworks are structured set of guidelines and best practices that details an organization's processes.

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